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About us

It is our mission to provide a solid foundation for our students; one in which they can learn in a creative and challenging environment.


Our school promotes open exchange, in a safe, caring and supportive environment, where the expectation is one of success. In the classroom and on the road, we look to foster a positive relationship between students and instructors.

The quality of the information that the students learn is very important to our team. At Advance Driving Academy, we offer unique information with the emphasis on creating greater layers of student safety. Particular emphasis is placed on: Alcohol Awareness, Common causes for Teen Car Crashes and Student’s Personal Safety.

Community involvement is also at the core of our work. As a beneficiary of community business, we endeavor to strengthen this relationship by being involved and giving back by educating and empowering new drivers to take responsible roles on the road in the community.

Our overall goal is to accomplish the highest level of customer satisfaction, to serve a diverse population and to establish Advance Driving Academy as a valuable and trusted community resource.